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Our Vision

Our plan is to provide solutions to help reduce the carbon footprint. With the introduction of a local farm in the community, we aim to integrate biodiversity, promote energy conservation and use renewable energy resources. 

Our local farm would provide the community home-grown, free from genetic modification produce and an attractive public space for communities to enjoy and learn how to integrate an eco-lifestyle. 

The key actions are the costs and pollution produced by transport, ensure a dependable market for the farmer, support sustainable agriculture and urban food security, and allow the cultivation of crops tailored to local needs, not to market demand or the need to withstand long distance transport.

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Our Solutions

Our initiatives under this action are to inspire transformative change towards sustainability.

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Animal Care

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Water Conservation

Green Waste Recycling

Waste Management

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Renewable Energies

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Low Impact Lifestyle

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Bio Construction

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Online Seminars

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Our Progress

We practise a strict vegetarian or vegan diet, meditate daily and continue to learn living a new way of a sustainable life. We have developed an app and shifted our seminars online to make it accessible for everyone near and far. 

The backbone of Govinda's Eco Community is to inspire transformative change towards spirituality whilst practicing sustainability. This can be accomplished by bringing forth new modes of desiring, thinking, and taking action. We want to engage people not only in theories of sustainability, but also in hands-on activities, workshops, outdoor classes, cultural activities, music and spirituality.

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