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Job-creation would take place throughout the evolution of the project. From the outset, an agriculturalist would be employed to provide fresh organic farm-to-table produce for Govinda’s restaurant. 
In time, once established, the network may be extended to provide weekly baskets of vegetables for local families. Community Supported Agriculture also reduces the carbon footprint of long-distance supply chains.

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School of Sustainability

The community facility will provide a space for workshops and seminars targeted at children and young people, on topics such as environmental awareness, art/creative expression, well-being and mental health (yoga, simple mediation techniques, mindfulness), and culture, both local and international. It will be suited for school visits. 

Community gardens/allotments provide for people to experience organic growing with little investment, while simultaneously forging relationships and benefiting from community experience.

A community facility as a shared space will serve many purposes: As a cultural focus, it will host events and festivals.

As an educational facility, it will provide training through workshops/seminars/conferences.

Also, it will of course serve the practical needs of those involved day to day. To work, to reduce travel and to practice all aspects of environmentally sustainable living; aesthetically designed to suit the location and seek to enhance the landscape.

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Sustainability & Environmental Awareness

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Online Seminars

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Community Kitchen Garden

The County Development Plan can support regeneration of our towns and villages by providing the physical frameworks for year-round employment and training.

The County Development Plan may optimise the potential of the tourism sector by clustering seasonal uses which are mutually-supportive, ideally close to public transport, to reduce traffic and enhance the quality of visitor experiences in Fingal.

Older youth can come to the community to learn hands-on natural living techniques (permaculture, eco-building, sustainable practices). Tried and tested methods of youth empowerment, social integration, open learning and project building and has met with success around the world. Longer internship programmes may be of interest to agricultural students. 

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