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Our Vision

Regenerative agriculture & the Ahimsa method increase biodiversity compared to conventional dairy farming. 
Far from being a closed community benefiting only its members, the express intention of the
community facility is to provide amenity which will serve the neighbouring community: open space, where people can at any time come to discover, learn, share, or lend a helping hand. It seeks harmonious with nature and care for animals and people.

Green Infrastructure & Natural Heritage: About Us

Green Infrastructure

Water purification, storage and drainage, flood mitigation, heat regulation and improved air quality, crop pollination, recreational spaces - these are just some of the fundamental services provided by green infrastructure in the eco farm. 

Green Infrastructure (GI) is a strategically planned to help biodiversity to recover, maintains, enhances or restores the health of ecosystems, ensures that natural areas remain connected, and allows species to thrive across their entire natural habitat. GI also helps improve people’s health and well-being.

Furthermore, GI - such as freshwaters, ecological corridors, valuable green areas and urban parks - deliver nature-based solutions that reduce our dependence on 'grey' infrastructure (which is often more expensive to build and maintain), support a green economy, create job opportunities and enable landscapes to recover from biodiversity losses.


Incorporating green spaces and recreational areas on the eco farm, will allow for the public and community to enjoy green gardens, enhance mental and physical wellbeing and learn about sustainability and practices put in through permaculture.

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Using natures materials and products in the local area minimises the carbon footprint. Surrounded in nature, the community housing is idealic and

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Green Infrastructure & Natural Heritage: Services
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